Not all Vitamin C is created equal.

But, it sure does wonders for our skin when utilized correctly!

Vitamin C can be a tricky vitamin as it is inclined to oxidize and lose potency very easily.

If you are buying a liquid Vit C, chances are you are buying less than ideal dilutions, stabilizing ingredients, and preservatives as well. As a rule, serums will always have more penetration power than moisturizers, however, the opened shelf life is shorter than one might think, so once opened, contents must be used relatively quickly.

My Bright Deep C Powder is in powder form, so that it can be easily dissolved into the liposomal delivery agents in my serums, Fortify and/or Feast. These serums activate the vitamin C, which then has an exceptional absorption rate into our skin. My ingredients are pure (no preservatives or weirdo stabilizers) and because the Vit C is mixed fresh, it never has the chance to oxidize.

Please note that while the brightening effects of topical vitamin C are welcome, too much can sensitize our skin over time, resulting in temporary inflammatory responses including, breakouts, dermatitis, or extra redness. It can also cause sun sensitivity. If you find your skin reacting to vitamin C in these undesired ways, you can simply decrease the amount and/or frequency of use.

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