So, you want your skin to glow. Step away from the Botox and lasers. You don’t need to harm your face to help it.
Here are 15 totally natural skin care tips to make your skin look beautiful. Best of all: These methods are proven to work more effectively than any of the trendy, weird and harmful procedures and products that so many people mistakenly use.

The Natural Skin Care Tips to Know

  1. Do less. Stop cleansing and exfoliating with acne or anti-aging cleansers. Nothing steals your glow like overdoing it.
  2. Warm it up. Wash your face in the best, warmed-up spring water you can find. Put it in a bowl, lean over and splash.
  3. Trash the astringents. Stop using all astringents like witch hazel, pore-minimizing toners, lavender, tea tree and citrus essential oils.
  4. Stop traumatizing your skin and adding to its anxiety. Don’t deplete your skin with conventional treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  5. Hydrate, feel great. Use a true hydrating mist. The best is real rose hydrosol mixed with spring water.
  6. Listen to your skin. Start conversations with your skin and listen deeply so you will understand better what it wants. Learn its language by noticing how it responds and paying attention to what it needs.
  7. Apply aloe. Use aloe vera gel as a hydrating serum. Purchase it in the supplement aisle for something pure.
  8. Build good walls. Layer an oil-rich moisturizer on top of aloe vera gel before aloe vera gel evaporates to restore your skin’s natural barrier function.
  9. Trust an expert. Track down an aesthetician who gives lancet extractions for instant removal of stubborn impacted blackheads, milia lumps and bumps.
  10. Eat clean. Go on a gut cleanse or do a fast.
  11. Eat smart. Stop spiking blood sugar at meal time or at snacktime with too many carbs, sweets and alcohol.
  12. Take a break. Give your skin a break from the sun if you are getting too much or give your skin five to 10 minutes of sun time if you aren’t getting enough sun.
  13. Feed your face. Discover topical bio- available Dermal Nutrients as the fastest way to build skin health and glow.
  14. Treat your face. Get a facial massage or acupuncture. Try face yoga.
  15. Explore electricity. Get a microcurrent device for home use.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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