Natural Skin Tips For That Perfect Glow

“Your skin is glowing!” That’s one of the greatest compliments to receive. But when people say they want their skin to glow, they really mean one of two things.

You see, there are two different types of glow. The most desirable type is the glow that comes from lush vitality and thriving, healthy skin.

However, a deep, luminous skin glow can be elusive. The nerdy, scientific reason for this magical glow is that it emanates from an active yet sustainable blood flow state and oxygen exchange. This is the perfect glow that only resourced skin is capable of.

The other less desirable type of “glow” comes from excess fluid, redness and inflammation from a trauma-based procedure like chemical peels, astringents, micro-dermabrasion, lasers — essentially anything that falls in line with the popular skin care strategy of “harm to heal.” In reality, this type of “glow” is not glowing at all. It’s an emergency trauma response that spikes blood flow temporarily (to try to defend from the harm), and then leaves the skin diminished long term. This type of “glow” is actually a scream of terror coming from our skin. The intended rejuvenation never comes.

Unfortunately, many people confuse the trauma shriek with the song of the real healthy glow. Somewhere on the frantic and desperate conventional road to anti-aging and acne-free skin, we lost sight of how to arrive at truly healthy, luscious, deeply joyous skin. A glow from well-being, not from distress.

There are infinite single, sensational ingredients, gimmicks and miracle products that claim to do everything. But the reality is that nothing can be a substitute for the essential basics. The best, natural way to attain the real thing — a sparkling glow from within — is to provide your skin a broad foundation of skin health with these simple basics that are often unknown, given only lip service or disregarded altogether.

These tried and true essentials are:
Water. Use a hydrating mist. No astringents, essential oils or toners. Yes, avoid essential oils, as the majority are actually astringent and dehydrating for our skin. I know these are natural, but our facial skin does not appreciate them (with the exception of rose essential oil and a few others).
Dermal Nutrients and Antioxidants. These are relatively new to the market and totally worth tracking down.
Barrier Repair. A lipid-rich moisturizer. I promise this will not clog your pores.
Restored Native Release Function. Get professional extractions. Stop expecting this stuff to magically disappear.

In short, our skin needs water, food, shelter and space. Just like other living creatures in nature. Maximize your healthy glow by abstaining from cheap-thrill, conventional products and procedures that will only inflame and burden your skin. Natural skincare has the power to provide glow with the absorption of topical Dermal Nutrients that increase cell turnover every bit as much as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion session. The “nourish to heal” approach has infinitely more power than “harm to heal” attempts to help our skin.

Glow and beautiful texture are something that cannot be faked. You can get botox, a facelift, scrubs, zaps, melting peels and injections — but still never achieve an authentic, natural, healthy glow. The only way to accomplish this is to actually have healthy skin. Follow the clear and simple map, and you’ll get to Glowtown every time. Yes, it might mean turning around on the conventional skincare highway. But enjoy the more scenic route — with a destination that has green grass in the end.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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