Our skin receives primary nourishment from the foods we absorb and delivery of said nutrients through the dense blood supply network of our dermal layer. The benefits of dermal nutrients for your skin are long. I am probably even forgetting a few at this moment.

Fortunately, now there is an additional means of nourishment! Topically applied dermal nutrients also provide much-needed sustenance to powerfully supplement our hungry dermal layer. Basically, think of it as a topically applied superfood for our skin that will improve texture and add a luscious glow.

Think of topical dermal nutrients as natural liquid fertilizer — applied from above and absorbed by the “deep soil bed dermis” of our skin. Sounds absolutely glorious, right?

  1. Increases skin cell turnover as a holistic way to resurface our skin. What is Medi-Holistic Skincare & why is it so beneficial?
  2. Supplies fresher skin cells in general as new skin cells are more quickly replaced
  3. Creates skin cells within the epidermal layer that have increased capacity to retain water
  4. Sustains our skin’s ability to release old congestion
  5. Feeds literally our deeper dermal layer where skin cells are manufactured
  6. Prevents dermal thinning
  7. Rebuilds dermal thickness of depleted and over-procedured skin
  8. Improves scars, texture, and overall skin tone
  9. Fades hyperpigmentation. Learn how to treat sunspots.
  10. Increases our skin’s ability to recover from surgery, scars, extractions, any mishaps
  11. Prevents possible sun cancer precursor lesions
  12. Replaces traditional retinol creams. Learn why skincare with retinol is outdated.
  13. Replaces all conventional chemical peels, scrubs, lasers, microdermabrasion & micro needling
  14. Fosters phenomenal glow

The added support of the right nutrients, in the right way, with the right amounts has an extraordinary effect on our skin, translating into renewed vigor and luminosity that boosts both layers. The final effect is a profound visual vibrancy! The benefits of dermal nutrients can just go on and on!

Dermal Nutrients have significant skin benefits that are just a better option for all of us. Skin Harmonics offers Origin Sets which contain Dermal Nutrients to nourish, hydrate, and soothe the skin. Reap the benefits of Dermal Nutrients by trying out an Origin Set and let your skin do the rest!