Our skin receives primary nourishment from the foods we absorb and delivery of said nutrients through the dense blood supply network of our dermal layer.

Fortunately, now there is an additional means of nourishment! Topically applied dermal nutrients also provide much-needed sustenance to powerfully supplement our hungry dermal layer. Basically, think of dermal nutrients as a superfood for our skin that will improve texture and add a luscious glow.

The dermal mattress provides nutrients to our skin in a similar way that a garden’s soil bed provides nutrients for a rose garden. Think of topical dermal nutrients as natural liquid fertilizer — applied from above and absorbed by the “deep soil bed dermis” of our skin.

This nourishment directly yields the “top rose garden epidermis” of our skin. The added support of the right nutrients, in the right way, with the right amounts has an extraordinary effect on our skin, translating into renewed vigor and luminosity that boosts both layers. The final effect is a profound visual vibrancy!

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Real healing is a beautiful process.

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