Natural and clinical skincare strategies are so very different, but they really did have a love child! And this strange unique fusion inherited the best attributes from each parent camp. Meet Skin Harmonics as this never-been-born- before MEDI- HOLISTIC creature! Think of this dynamic process as Functional Medicine for our skin. So what is Medi-Holistic Skincare?

It turns out that holistically engineered profound dermal nutrients have the power to naturally resurface our skin. Holistic Resurfacing is somewhat of an oxymoron as the current traditional skin resurfacing strategy relies entirely on “unnatural” trauma via chemical peels, excessive exfoliation, lasers, etc. Instead, we can feed our skin topical Dermal Nutrients and get all of the new skin cells we need…with dermal nutrition instead.

Instead of penetrating our skin with acid and stress (standard clinical skincare), we are penetrating with dermal nutrients! These special nutrients have the power to generously increase new cell production in a way that makes all of the scrubbing, melting, and zapping (frankly, in my opinion) barbarically inefficient and short-sighted.

Unfortunately, people have been confusing the trauma response associated with conventional procedures with actual regeneration. The big bummer is that the accumulation of trauma can cause undesirable effects like premature dermal thinning (AKA accelerated dermal aging) and Increased sun sensitivity which only makes matters worse.

Essentially, this real skin food nurtures our skin deeply from the inside out, rather than the clinical skincare procedures that only temporarily “fix” the surface. Conversely, this unique process fortifies our skin long-term, builds valuable dermal thickness, and results in skin that is more resilient to the sun not less.

Basically, this means that natural skincare is not a sissy anymore. We can enjoy the purity of truly natural and potent ingredients and not have to endure all of the scraping and blasting from chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and lasers that take a long-term toll on our skin. Really, there are only four essential skincare ingredients. Actually, These are 4 fundamental concepts that are worth understanding…if you want to get ANY ingredients to work for you.

Incredibly, with this process, our skin heals so deeply, even below the surface, that sometimes it will go through a temporary state of purging by releasing old and chronic congestion that has not seen the light of day for months, sometimes years. This transformation is an enormous blessing, grace, and relief for our skin as our skin regains its natively smooth texture. The previously mentioned obsolete procedures are replaced by special deep pore cleansing facials to assist and expedite this releasing phase.

Skin that endures trauma-based “healing’ can never experience a true reorganizing skin detox wherein old congestion is released through the top of our skin. Anxiety, dehydration, and unbalanced oil – production all cause this skin to continue its old holding patterns. This special dynamic healing process can only be triggered by the resourced abundance provided by the Skin Harmonics Method.

Essentially, the Skin Harmonics Medi-Holistic Skincare Method moves towards hydration, deep nourishment, release, and protection to holistically correct acne, sun damage, and even slow aging that is associated with dermal thinning. The difference is truly noticeable regarding texture, skin tone, and glow, making a substantial permanent improvement to our skin’s overall baseline health.

If you are curious about how and why I came to my findings, listen to the 90-minute audio of my book: Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin & The New Way.