There are so many truly fantastic things we can do for our skin that uplift our skin and face (and do not sabotage our long-term skin health). What these holistic practices all have in common is that they bring positive blood flow to our skin instead of trauma induced inflammation.

Additionally, each of these practices encourage that perfect sweet spot that is invigorating but not agitating. For an even more complete list of “Skin Health Bank Withdrawals and Deposits” read my book: Relearning Skin Care, The Story of Skin & The New Way.

Here is a list of non-toxic holistic skincare methods of pure goodness (they are listed in no particular order):

  • Facial Acupuncture- stimulates positive blood flow, unblocks energy flow, and relaxes tension
  • Microcurrent- builds muscle volume and lifts the toned muscles
  • Face Yoga- builds muscle volume, stretches fascia, and lifts the toned muscles
  • Gua Sha or Jade Scraping- induces lymphatic drainage
  • Silicone Patches- hydrates and relaxes tension
  • Jade rolling- induces lymphatic drainage
  • Facial Massage- stimulates positive blood flow, stretches fascia, unblocks energy flow, and relaxes tension
  • Infrared Light- stimulates positive blood flow
  • Face cupping- stretches fascia, stimulates positive blood flow
  • Kissing, laughing, singing, & smiling- increases life force which is unbottled & priceless youth nectar

    Find our more on this points and how we can re-learn skincare in my expert audiobook

If you have any questions about what these are, how to find a good practitioner, or even have a great person you like to go to, feel free to let me know!

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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