Imagine that you have a skin health bank; a conceptual bank where everything you do affects the bottom line of your skin’s health. Hey, remember the old food triangle they incorrectly taught us years ago with grains at the bottom? Well, there is a similar thing happening within the skin industry… the very things that used to be presented as “beneficial” are not. The new paradigm is turning these triangles upside down.

What Is A Skin Health Bank

Continuing along these lines, the categories of water, real skin food (Dermal Nutrients), barrier restoration, and release all weigh in as deposits, whereas all of the harsh procedures and products from the modern clinical camp, like chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion & needling, lasers, retinol, and injections etc., are withdrawals.

The ideal, just as in a real bank account, is to end up generously in the green and not the red. When choosing a withdrawal, aim to find the least “costly” one (for your skin), but that still satisfies a particular issue. And, ALWAYS make enough ongoing deposits to mitigate the damage that these procedures cause.

The Bottom Line On Skin Health

At times, even for me, exceptional qualifying cases call for the use of something from the modern clinical camp list. However, I minimize, prioritize, and always use them sparingly.

The sobering reality is that the many procedures/products that are readily available and revered from the modern clinical camp will not make our skin healthier. In truth, they become liabilities rather than assets when creating and maintaining gloriously healthy skin that ages more slowly.
Becoming a more informed consumer will help you, as it did me, to navigate the minefield of the modern market with more clarity. We must remember that this is a long game, and our precious skin is needed for the entirety of our lives.

Check out the complete list of deposits and withdrawals in my book: Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin & the New Way.