Think Twice About MicroNeedling Your Skin

Microneedling is essentially what “lawn aeration” is to a lawn’s soil bed, but instead of poking holes into the soil, they are poked into our epidermal’s outermost skin layer. The underlying idea is that this process allows for greater product absorption, leading to long-term increased positive results. However, the opposite is often the case. Let’s discuss the microneedling risks you should be aware of.

Microneedling Risks

Microneedling bypasses our skins essential and precious natural barrier and micro-traumatizes it. This action causes inflammation and is essentially added wear and tear on our already delicate skin. The initial inflammation phase “puffs up” our skin temporarily and gives the illusion of “fewer wrinkles.” This short-lived, improved appearance is the single oldest trick in the clinical skincare book. Their only trick (besides the one where they make congestion “disappear’ by pressing it down further into our skin. Oh, and the other trick of problematically minimizing pores by shriveling them in until they can’t function.) Anyways, don’t fall for it!

Start to think of our acid mantle as an invisible silk coat that our skin wears, making it unmeasurably happy. Furthermore, the vast majority of skincare products do not contain advantageous, nourishing ingredients for our skin. Conventional anti-aging and acne products are packed with astringents, acids, and non-dermal nutrients that are harmful in the long-term, or at best, neutral.

Microneedling For Specific Skin Types

Despite this knowledge, I do own a MICRO-micro needling device. This device is helpful ONLY on qualifying skin types when used in combination with Dermal Nutrients to break up scar tissue and to help lift hyperpigmentation faster.

Skin that is already upward pushing with new skin cells from Dermal Nutrients (not trauma) is super soft, hydrated, luminous, permeable and requires no extra holes. This skin can enjoy serene preservation for the long haul. Microneedling is one step forward and three steps back.

If you have any questions regarding microneedling, please feel free to schedule a Complimentary Virtual Consultation, where you will receive 1:1 support to answer any questions or concerns you may have.