Product absorption is a critical part of skin care. The old way of so-called “nourishment” was to lower the pH of a product so much that it could penetrate our skin by dissolving it. Glycolic, lactic, salicylic acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and more have been used to achieve this.

Epidermal damage was thought to be the only way to trigger our dermal layer into making new skin cells.

Product Absorption & Our Dermal Layer

•But dissolving skin isn’t nourishment. Microneedling and microdermabrasion only amplify the long-term damage of acids that cause dermal depletion. Astringents like witch hazel, essential oils, and benzoyl peroxide sabotage hydration.
•Dermal Nutrients help manufacture new skin cells. This absorption is made possible by liposomal delivery. Lecithin lipids penetrate through our epidermis and into our dermal layer, where they metabolize the Dermal Nutrients into new skin cells.
•Our dermal layer wants two things: food (Dermal Nutrients) and solitude. It’s hungry and wants to be left alone to make new skin cells. The deeper dermal layer doesn’t want water, essential oils, antioxidants, lipids, acids, or trauma getting in its way.
•Our epidermal layer wants to deliver Dermal Nutrients to our dermis below. The epidermis wants water, antioxidants, and oil on top to support the acid mantle and prevent water loss. The only way to saturate our epidermal layer with water is to layer a water mist, hydrating serum, and a lipid-rich moisturizer on top.
Fats, lipids, and oils have a molecule size so large that they won’t penetrate through our epidermal layer.

They meld and prevent water evaporation. A moist epidermal layer serves as a wicking layer for our deeper dermis, so Dermal Nutrients can be absorbed to preserve our dermal layer thickness. Moist skin naturally has balanced oil production, less congestion, fewer fine lines, and more resiliency.

Essential oils penetrate through our epidermis, dermis, and bloodstream. But most are best for first aid kits, cleaning, cooking, & scented oils. They are too astringent for our delicate facial skin. Often, people think expensive, fancy, and popular ingredients are being absorbed when they’re just evaporating–and leaving toxic residue behind.

The Bottom Line

Product absorption is extremely important, otherwise our skin wouldn’t reap any benefits from the products we apply. Harming to heal skin is never the way. Our skin craves real nourishment and that is through Dermal Nutrients and solitude.

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