Should we really worry about fine lines? If you worry about fine lines on your face, take a deep breath. There’s a lot you can do to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But worrying isn’t part of the solution. 

First things first: Fine lines — and deeper wrinkles, for that matter — are inevitable as we age. 

Worrying about anything is never an effective strategy, and the stress of worrying in general will only age us all faster. It’s best to not worry about fine lines at all. Instead, preserve youthful skin by adopting healthy skin habits early on in life or as soon as possible. I subscribe to the “better late than never philosphy” always on all subject matters.

Fine lines are the first sign of skin aging, and their presence is a direct result of topically dehydrated skin. The good news: This is something that can be easily resolved if you know how.  

Right action is always the cure for useless worry. Here is a list of things to do instead of worrying about fine lines — and equally important, here’s what not to do.

How to Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

First, establish a basic skincare routine that hydrates your skin above everything else. Fine lines can be plumped out and sometimes entirely eradicated simply by learning how to deeply hydrate your skin. Use a true hydrating mist, hydrating serum, and lipid-rich moisturizer.  

True hydrating facial mists are hard to find, as the majority of what is being sold has drying essential oils or astringents that falsely claim to “clean out” skin pores. Plain spring water or pure rose water works as a wonderful, effective hydrating mist.  

Hydrating serums are equally as difficult to find for the same reasons and are often laced with surprising amounts of chemicals, perfumes, and preservatives. Plain, food-grade aloe vera gel from the supplement aisle is one of the best options. If you are lucky enough to find a pure hyaluronic acid serum in the skin aisle of a health food store that is not too diluted with the same unsavory ingredients, then this can be used, as well. Using both is ideal.  

Both aloe and hyaluronic acid are hydrophilic and will attract and magnify water into what I call a “water puff cloud.” This can be strategically trapped next to our skin with a rich moisturizer. Find a moisturizer that is on the heavier side, possessing lipids, fats, and oils, as this will literally prevent these “water puff clouds” from evaporating. This final step will turn your raisined skin into a grape, as it locks in water.

Other Ways to Truly Reduce Them

Start using sunscreen. Do this for two reasons:
1. To reduce water loss, which means fewer fine wrinkles. 
2. And even more importantly, to protect your “collagen mattress.” Losing this will eventually result in deeper wrinkles. Eighty percent of visible aging has to do directly and unequivocally with sun exposure.  Finding a natural sunscreen and reapplying every two hours when exposed is the best anti-aging advice you will ever receive.

Discover medi-holistic, patented, topical Dermal Nutrients as the holistic alternative to traditional inferior retinol creams…even if prescribed by a doctor.

Use enzymes as the holistic alternative to excessive exfoliation.

Make sure your skincare routine includes vitamin C. 

Reduce Your Fine Lines By Stopping These Things

Stop doing anything to your skin that causes dehydration, inflammation, or anxiety. No more aggressive cleansers, scrubs, clay masks, essential oils, and astringents. Stop using all conventional anti-aging or acne products, as these typically have a dehydrating effect. 

Also, avoid trauma-based procedures, like chemical peels, lasers, microdermabrasion, and micro-needling. These procedures ultimately have the opposite effect than what they claim. 

Smoking, sun exposure, and drinking alcohol should also be dodged, as this combination will fast-track wrinkles. 

In addition, it’s widely known that worrying ages us faster and gives us more wrinkles sooner. It is far more advantageous to train in meditation and calmness, making it a point to connect with feelings of well being. This will only reduce fine lines and wrinkles as we age.

If you’re struggling with fine lines, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can benefit from incorporating some of our products including our Origin Set, Revive, and Bright. Learning your skins needs and wants will help you create a skincare routine that will leave you looking and feeling your best. If you need any help on this journey, schedule a complimentary virtual consult.