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Lasts 6 -12 months

Travel friendly and TSA compliant

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Revive | Exfoliating Pack is the perfect way to exfoliate without dehydrating your skin as it simultaneously resets water levels. This creamy enzyme pack is the ideal way to exfoliate, support, and maintain your skin's healing as it moves towards becoming soft, permeable, and bouncy.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 5 in

How to Use

Use these steps 1- 2 times a month for best results.

Cleanse: Using warm water and an optional gentle washcloth, rinse your face and pat completely dry.

Revive: Generously apply Revive to skin as if your putting frosting on a cupcake, let sit for 1- 2 hours, and reapply when it starts to dry. Gently remove with a warm washcloth and continue routine with your Origin Set. 


Our products are formulated to be natural, vegan, safe, nontoxic, paraben- and cruelty free. Never formulated with synthetic colors or fragrances. Organic whenever possible. Airport security friendly.

Revive Exfoliating Pack (2oz)
Water, Papaya fruit extract, Pineapple fruit extract, Cetearyl & Sorbitan Olivate (olive derivatives), Cetyl Alcohol (fatty plant derivative), Glyceryl Oleate & Stearate (glycerin derivative), Giant Kelp Extract, Superoxide dismutase, Algae extract, Grapeseed extract, Yeast extract, Silk amino acids, Sodium hyaluronic, Pichia/Resveratrol Ferment Extract, Organic Black Cherry Essence Oil, Phytic acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C), Phenethyl alcohol (rose derivative), Sodium Levulinate (corn derivative), Isoamyl Laurate (coconut derivative), Anisate (fennel derivative), Glycerin

Who's It For?

Skin type: Perfect for all skin types.

This exfoliating pack will help reset water levels. It is the ideal way to exfoliate, support, and maintain your skin’s healing.

How To Recycle/Reuse

Recycle: Revive can’t be recycled, so it can just be thrown into the trash once finished.


  1. Claire Weingarten

    I absolutely love this exfoliating pack! It keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated after every use. Every time I wash it off, my skin glows and just feels so amazing. I use it once a week and cannot live without it. It also smells delicious!

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