Essential Oils are incredible but not for your face!

Chances are that all of your favorite essential oils are not good for your face, minus a first aid situation of course.

They are inherently antibacterial and antifungal, giving them the phenomenal power to disinfect wounds and prevent
infections. However, they are also extremely astringent, which means they have a drying or dehydrating effect when used topically.

The deleterious effects that the use of most essential oils have on our skin can be avoided since we now know that hydration is our skin’s primary need!
Rose, sandalwood, balsam of Peru, and tiny amounts of frankincense and vetiver are the exceptions to the “no essential oils for our face” rule.

Some natural skincare companies steer away from using glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids in their products, but then turn to
astringent citrus and peppermint oils to compensate. Plus, they know that if you like how it smells, you are much more likely to buy it again.

So do your skin a favor and stay away from serums and moisturizers that are laden with essential oils no matter how tempting they may smell!

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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