These days we pay more for what is NOT in our moisturizer. Absorbability, usefulness, and purity are the priorities. Read on to learn The Top 3 Most Common Misunderstandings about what makes a good moisturizer.

1. A good moisturizer should not leave a trace of residue or oil, be as light as possible, and essentially feel like air in order not to clog our pores.

FALSE!!! We need quality lipids/oil residue as this is critical to the successful trapping of water in our skin. Lipids/oils will not clog our pores and in fact are required to maintain proper pore function that prevents clogged pores. We busted the myth of comedogenic ingredients in a previous blog.

2. A good moisturizer should be packed with as many antioxidants and super-charged ingredients as possible, the more the better.

FALSE!!! Oil molecules are so large that they will never penetrate the deeper layers of our skin, and they aren’t supposed to! The vast majority of popular ingredients added to moisturizers are never absorbed and just cause irritation, are a burden, or at best, are utterly useless to our skin. The best way to get meaningful components into our skin is via a serum, never a moisturizer.

3. A good moisturizer should contain many essential oils including lavender or anything from the citrus family.

FALSE!!! Furthermore, the vast majority of essential oils are much too astringent and, in reality, are confusing our sebaceous glands inot over-producing more oil. They might smell good, but they are NOT good for our faces.

The TRUTH is that a moisturizer is only HALF of what it takes to have truly hydrated skin. A moisturizer traps only EXISTING water in our skin, it cannot add water, only a serum has the capacity to do add water. The use of a hydrating serum can insert water under a oil-rich moisturizer. Learn how to layer for true and lasting hydration, such as dermal nutrients.