Your Skin Is Not Confused But You Are

Your skin is not confused, but your brain might be. And, if your head is confused then your skin will be, too. Huh? An open mindset when it comes to your skin coupled with a meticulous and enjoyable new homecare routine are the answers. And, by the way, what does your skin have in common with old wine corks? …Read on…

Let me explain the biggest skin misunderstanding and debate of the century:

Stagnant Clogged Pores vs. Active Temporary Detox Response

Contrary to popular belief, the use of a lipid-rich moisturizer will NOT clog your pores; rather, it traps existing water in your skin. This increased water gives your skin hope and the capacity to release stuck congestion (aka healing)!

The simple act of preserving water in your skin and preventing its evaporation will activate a purge response. This perfect healing response has been confused and misdiagnosed for many, many years by past skin experts as “clogged pores.” If the congestion doesn’t fully release naturally, the process becomes stagnant and can get stuck for years and years, much like the cork photo above with year stamps on it.

Simply increasing water levels will make for a slow purge. The good news is there are techniques to speed up this process, so the transition to hydrated resurfaced skin is much MUCH quicker. For starters, the combined use of an effective hydrating serum to insert water, the absorption of dermal nutrients to increase cell turnover, and the use of a real barrier restoration moisturizer will make this transition quite profound and quick.

The right ingredients and a mindset change is the fastest way to transform your skin completely. And, of course, a bit of courage to try something new.

I have streamlined this process for all skin types!

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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