Winter brings specific challenges as our skin needs protection from extreme cold and wind burn. Winter days are short so our skin has less potential exposure to UVA/UVB rays which is a reprieve we all should take advantage of. This is a time for rest and regenration and knowing how to protect your skin in the winter will ensure that you can look renewed in the spring. However, if you are a skier or snowboarder then this season can be the roughest on your skin. All the more reason to nurture, rest, and protect your skin as much as possible to maximize any down time.

Another element that is challenging about winter is how indoor central heating can be extremely dehydrating for our skin.

Even though UVB rays, the ones that burn your skin, are at their weakest during the winter months, they can still wreak havoc on the top layers of our skin given the right conditions (high altitudes and reflective surfaces such as snow and ice). UVA rays, the ones that penetrate deeper into our skin and cause aging, remain constant year-round and can penetrate through clouds and fog. These are reminders that skipping out on sunscreen during the winter is NOT recommended.

There is alot of talk in the skincare industry about needing to change cleansers or moisturizers for each season. I think this is absurd as our skin thrives on abundant and consistent basic care year round. I honestly believe this is just more of the “buy more propaganda” we are all bombarded with. Learning how to layer the right products that hydrate, feed, and restore our skin’s natural barrier will deliver a cozy equanimity that will give us skin that endures and thrives through the worst winter season. This sequence is best practiced year round so the positive cumulative effects can increase over time.

Winter is, however, the ideal time (if you are not a winter athlete) to increase your skin’s Dermal Nutrient dose at night. Often this is the season that many uniformed women get chemical peels, and lasers. Learn to feed your skin instead and get a Skin Harmonics Deep Pore Cleansing Session instead.

1. Hydrating Mist

2. Hydrating Serum (if you’re smart your serum will have dermal nutrients and antioxidants)

3. Oil-rich moisturizer

To learn about more about the concept behind these steps, read more about medi-holistic fusion skincare here within this blog.