It’s “normal” to over-exfoliate skin – and unfortunately, that’s the model that popular skin care promotes. Everyone wants better skin. Even if we have great skin, we always want to find a way to get BETTER skin. This is the hook that pulls people into the world of “corrective,” “clinical,” “medical,” and “anti-aging” skin care.  Here are the signs of over exfoliated skin.

​The most common outdated skin strategy is – yep, you guessed it – over-exfoliation. Most American skin care professionals are oblivious to the fact that there is another way to resurface & increase skin cell turnover: topical, patented Dermal Nutrients.  This feeds our skin in such a profound way that we can increase cell turnover without over-exfoliation & trauma.

Over-exfoliation distresses the skin, causing oil production imbalance, premature dermal thinning, unnecessary sun sensitivity, & chronic skin dehydration. We’ve been trying to get better skin, we are making it worse instead.

The Signs of Over Exfoliated Skin

Beware of the signs of over-exfoliated and over-processed skin. Skin that is:

*Tender, puffy, dry, hot, red, flakey, mad, grumpy, splotchy, inflamed, hyper-sensitive
*Excessively oily

*Quick to sunburn and hyper-pigment.   *Upset no matter what you do
​* Gets worse with failed attempts to calm it down & restore balance

The best cure for over-processed and over-exfoliated skin is to begin Skin Harmonics protocols – or at least go with the “cave man regimen” and give your skin a full break.
​I recommend exfoliation once a month for normal skin. Twice a month at the most. Only weekly exfoliation is recommended as a maximum for skin dealing with acne.

Exfoliation is best done with enzymes, so as to not risk over-exfoliation. One of the worst things about conventional exfoliation is that it causes chronic, topical dehydration. Instead, I sell a unique enzyme exfoliator called Revive that hydrates while simultaneously giving a perfect exfoliation. New skin cells are produced from the absorption and metabolization of Dermal Nutrients instead of forced trauma. This is a much more sustainable way to achieve skin resurfacing, correct acne, and slow aging. Reach out to set up a Virtual Complimentary Consultation to learn more!