The Cave Man Regimen is basically leaving our skin alone. No cleansing. No make-up. No sunscreen. No moisturizing. Nada. Rinsing skin with water is ok, but then it is just simply patted dry or allowed to air dry. Essentially, doing nothing…because skincare was probably pretty low on the list when fighting saber tooth tigers.

Most skincare products do not support the natural process of skin instead they “do it all for you.” When your skin gets a break from all the different products, it actually has the time to “breathe”, recalibrate and rebalance.

Through years of observation and listening to my clients, I’m convinced that conventional anti-aging, acne products, and most skin care practices are all creating inflammation, dehydration, and a huge load of unnecessary stress on our skin. Yep, they are creating more problems and are more trouble than they are worth.

Therefore, stepping back and doing NOTHING is an improvement to this unrealized sabotage from the modern skincare market. Our skin can slowly begin to rebuild its own natural acid-mantle barrier, an invisible film that is mostly our skin’s native oil. Healthy skin requires this unsung hero that is so often cast aside in the name of “doing something” for our skin.

When doing nothing is an improvement…well…that says a lot about these conventional products like pore strips that are being sold. Learn more about pore strips and blackheads, it’s mind blowing. So exactly what would enhance “nothing”? Well, that’s what Skin Harmonics is all about.

Focusing on Dermal Nutrients, Hydration, Barrier Restoration, and allowing for natural daily Detox is the priority.

Forgetting completely about chemical peels, traditional retinol creams, astringents, microdermabrasion, and lasers are a really good idea. Learn about the essential skincare ingredients you should be using.

In one way, the Skin Harmonics Method is the SMART Cave Man Regimen because staying away from modern skin convention as described above is part of the Skin Harmonics philosophy…then adding SMART universal basics.