If you have unwanted facial hair, then dermaplaning is arguably the most convenient solution.  However, be as gentle as possible to avoid the negative effects of over-exfoliation.  The other options are laser hair removal, waxing, sugaring, hair removal cream, threading, and tedious tweezing.  I like the simplicity of dermaplaning and the results when not performed too aggressively or too often. Let’s go over what it means to dermaplane and what it means for your skin. 

What Is Dermaplaning?

Whoever coined “dermaplaning” was very business savvy, as this is what men have been doing to their beards for centuries.  Yep, dermaplaning is the feminine equivalent of beard shaving.   The tool was engineered to look sleek and dainty while also being able to more delicately remove fine facial hair AKA peach fuzz.  Menopause brings another level of facial hair for us ladies and this tool is perfectly suited to handle it.  Dermaplaning is marketed specifically to women…so we finally have our own razor. Let’s dive into whether or not you should actually dermaplane your face. 

What Does Dermaplaning Do To Your Face?

This tool removes peach fuzz and fine to medium-sized facial hairs which are 100% genetic by the way.  It also is extremely exfoliating depending on how heavy-handed it is used.  American clinical skin care is exfoliation obsessed so this nifty tool can knock out both agendas in one swoop: unwanted hair and the addiction to exfoliating.  Beauty is all about choice, uniqueness, and freedom, so I am glad that this sexy tool is around.  However, there is a big downside to over-exfoliation with a long list of things that are not so pretty, like increased sun sensitivity that can lead to premature collagen loss and increased chance of hyperpigmentation.  Over-exfoliation also causes chronic dehydration, which will cause more blackheads and breakouts over time.

Will Dermaplaning Make Me Break Out?

Possibly, but the chances can be minimized by not being heavy-handed or doing it too often.  Chronic dehydration also causes an unnatural increase in the production of oil from our sebaceous glands.  But some skin can cope with excess oil and sluggish release capacity better than others.  Often, people who think they have no congestion do…it is just building up underneath their skin, and sooner or later they will have to reconcile it.  Skin that is over-exfoliated and hairless can look strangely shiny and raw.  There are ways to minimize this, like adopting a skin routine that hydrates and restores your skin barrier which will bring much-needed equanimity to skin that is constantly being disrupted.

Final Notes

It is ideal to dermaplane once a month with a light hand to remove your facial hair. It is also important to understand that you must not exfoliate your skin in addition to this as dermaplaning doubles as an exfoliation procedure.