Ideally, we would have a morning AND an evening routine, but if I had to choose which one means more to our skin, it would have to be the evening routine. The evening routine is the absolute best time to wash your face.

Our skin sleeps when we sleep, and sleep is meant for one thing: REGENERATION.

It is much easier for our skin to renew itself if it has the means with which to do so. Real sustenance is the most important thing for our skin.

Benefits of an Evening Skincare Routine

Ample hydration, Dermal Nutrients, antioxidants, and a restored natural barrier are ESSENTIAL for our skin to regenerate, especially while sleeping. Sleep is a time for our skin to take a break from sunscreens and make-up; a time to be cocooned and soothed. So, if you tend towards a morning-only skin routine, consider switching things up!

I’ve discovered evening skincare routines have a lot to do with how we implement selfcare in general. It is ideal for our entire body and nervous systems to be brought into the right state to wind down for rest. This means transitioning our busy bodies towards dinner, family, and much needed relaxation.

Evening rituals like a shower or bath followed by a wholesome skincare routine and warm teas can help us get the most out of our night’s sleep. Applying a body moisturizer or oil will not only trap water in our skin but will soothe our entire nervous system much like the act of swaddling a baby.

Evening skin routines optimize the absorption of essential skincare ingredients, as well as take advantage of the yin state our skin shifts into while we sleep, allowing our skin to focus singularly on renewal. So, if you can only choose one, choose to wash your face at night.