Sweat Embrace

What happens when our skin sweats? Our skin’s ability to sweat has a positive impact on the health of our skin and our entire body. Do not let anyone shame you about this! Sweating is an invaluable method our skin uses to release toxins from our body.

Sweat is intrinsically beneficial for our skin as it combines with our oil to create the necessary acid mantle of our skin.

However, often sweating happens while we are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which can be problematic because it weakens our skin’s natural barrier and removes our much-needed applied moisturizer and sunscreen, allowing for water to escape.

Since our skin is most protected with its own natural intact acid-mantle barrier, a re-enforcing moisturizer, and sunscreen, when outside we should only occasionally dab our skin rather than wipe heavy-handedly so the aforementioned remain on our skin. Skin that is missing any one of these three components is much more likely to sunburn. Skin that lacks its acid-mantle and a moisturizer that traps water underneath will also become dehydrated, compounding its vulnerability to sun exposure exponentially. A sunscreen adds the third and final layer of protection against UV rays.

Sweating indoors does not have sunburn risks, but it will still weaken our moisturizer’s ability to keep our skin hydrated. I practice hot yoga, so I speak from first-hand experience. Dabbing minimally is still the best practice not to strip away our natural moisturizer and store-bought one. Rinsing our skin after a good workout, drying entirely with a towel, reapplying a hydrating mist, hydrating dermal nutrient serum, and effective barrier repair moisturizer is the best way to help our skin achieve much-needed equanimity.

As mentioned before in previous posts, sweat and oil are not causing breakouts, and they do not cause bacteria to grow. Simply rinsing our sweat away and not over-cleansing will encourage a healthy acid mantle, favorable epidermal microbiome, and not contribute to increased dehydration that is the culprit of contributing to breakouts.

The bottom line: our skin was born to sweat. Embrace and gently dab.

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