I want to bust 3 old acne “facts” that are no longer valid and this is the first one I am going to take a bat to! Does excess oil cause acne? NO! Keep a lookout for the next 2 posts in this series. We now know more about acne, so why haven’t skincare companies caught up yet?

Answer: Because they are making a killing running you in circles. So, what’s the problem?

Outdated Fact #1: Excess oil causes acne. FALSE!!! This is a symptom but not the cause of acne. Imbalances in our intestinal microbiome create toxins in our body that are looking for a way out and skin becomes our body’s answer. In addition, imbalances of our hormones will cause an unhelpful increase of oil production which can complicate things further.

Having chronically dehydrated skin will cause excess oil production, too. The use of astringents, scrubs, benzoyl peroxide, and oil-free moisturizers… that are engineered to “dry our skin out” will directly cause our sebaceous glands to overproduce oil.

If you want to solve the core issues that cause acne, find a functional medicine doctor to help you fix your gut…. AND… start using products that will balance your skin’s oil production…not throw it into overdrive. A Fortify Origin Set will help your skin find it’s natural genetic setting for oil production.

The right internal support combined with the right external support will help acneic skin make a complete u-turn. Stop using “acne” products as they are using an outdated method of “drying out” acne. Stop obsessively exfoliating your skin…as this is just running you in circles while suppressing a deeper healing response. Also, acne cannot be cured by trying to obsessively cleanse skin of dirt because dirt does not cause acne. Oily skin caused by dehydration is the likely culprit.

The goal is to balance oil production not to short sightedly eradicate it. All healthy skin requires a healthy skin acid mantle which will balance oil production naturally as a result.

Want to hear the full story? Listen to Relearning Skin Care, The Story of Skin & The New Way. The 90-minute easy-breezy audio is on YouTube.