If you believe you have excessively oily skin I want to explain three types of likely scenarios. The first possibility is that you could indeed have excessively oily skin because you are inadvertently causing it by using skincare products that keep your skin in a chronically dehydrated state which directly triggers our sebaceous glands into overproducing oil. This is why your oily skin could be caused by dehydration.

Oily Skin Caused by Dehydration

You see, the mission of our sebaceous glands is to make oil in order to prevent water from evaporating from our skin. This oil is also necessary to create our skin’s precious acid mantle. If this much needed and stabilzing oil is constantly being removed…your skin will constantly keep producing more and more and more in an effort to fullfil it’s job of properly providing the surface of our skin with a residual oil that has successfully prevented water loss. The very act of obsessively removing it with the use of aggressive cleansers, scrubs, and chemical peels directly results in skin that is excessively oily. Learn the surprising truth about why daily exfoliation can damage your skin. This skin is so out of balance that healing or anti-aging will never be possible until this natural basic skin function is brought into balance.

The second scenario is that you have acne and you have been told over and over since you were 15 that you have oily skin and this oil must be eradicated. In other words, your uncontrollable sebaceous glands must be scrubbed, stripped, and zapped clean with every bit of skincare arsenal that could be invented. Learn more on this ridiculous war on our sebaceous glands and why a more enlightened skincare for acne approach is way overdue.

Another scenario worth mentioning is that you may have reasonably dehydrated skin or even perfectly hydrated skin if you are using one of my Origin Skin Care Sets. What a blessing. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones with a built-in moisturizer–a true gift from your parents that will prevent your skin from aging as quickly as genetically oil-inferior skin. Embrace this oil and enjoy the free and effortless hydration your skin naturally provides. The only catch is that you know how to keep it in balance by not falling for the oil-is-the-enemy-campaign.

Supplying our skin with water so our sebaceous glands don’t get all out of whack is simple once you learn how. All skin is thirsty and oiler skin types are no exception to this universal need. The need for the right combination of both oil and water will create moist, clear, and happier skin. Learn the right skin care routine steps in order to rebalance your skin’s oil production no matter which one of these scenarios your skin falls into.

Oily skin gets thirsty too!!! The universal primary requirement of all skin is water and oily skin types are no exception. Give your oily skin water and watch this stabilize excessive oil production and help your skin find its unique natural oil production setting. Learn more about the importance of water for skin.

We each have a unique genetic setting for oil production that cannot be overridden. The very last thing it needs is to become “dried out” through excessive scrubbing, astringent use, and cleansing, which over time will ironically overstimulate oil production.

Even though many misinformed skin professionals may villainize oil, the truth is that all skin requires it in a balanced way. The new mission is to balance, not eradicate, our skin’s oil production. Moist, healthy skin has the perfect combination of water AND oil, both of which are needed for balanced, happy, clear skin.

While developing a skincare routine most suited for your skin type, it is an essential part of achieving healthy and happy skin. As with anything, healthy skin takes time, and consistency is key. I hope you learned what oily skin can actually mean for your skin. By simply adding in your favorite products, you can create a routine that becomes an important part of your lifestyle. Practice your skincare routine daily, and watch how your skin starts to transform!