Addicted to exfoliation? The dead cells of the epidermal layer are a vital component of protection for the dermal layer and part of your skin’s natural anatomy. These skin cells are supposed to be there!

You need not scrub away the layer of “dead skin cells” on a daily basis, as some skincare brands suggest. You’d be eliminating cells quicker than your dermal layer can produce them, and you simply cannot live without your epidermal layer.

This will only cause raw skin, dehydration, and increased sun-sensitivity which are all things we must avoid to preserve our skin and prevent wrinkles. Its also worth remember, that excess dead skin does not cause acne – read more in this blog.

The overly employed idea of constantly exfoliating the epidermal layer to compulsively “remove dead skin cells,” only leads to an overworked, exhausted, and underpaid dermal layer, and with time, its thickness and health will begin to diminish. Our dermal layer is thinning anyway at 1% a year past the age of 25…now why would we speed that up?

Especially for us women, as we experience dermal volume loss during menopause. A much smarter obsession than over exfoliation is that of providing our skin with dermal nutrients which have the ability to fortify and preserve our dermal layer. Feed not scrub.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real healing is a beautiful process.

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