There are so many truly fantastic things we can do for our skin that uplift our skin and face (and do not sabotage our long-term skin health). What have you done for your hairline lately? This area is easy to forget, neglect, and skip over, but in reality, this area needs the same attention as the rest of our face.

​One of the most common things that I see over and over with new clients is serious and hidden congestion at the hairline because folks fail to extend their skincare efforts up to that point. I get it, who wants to get product in your freshly coiffed or cleansed hair??

However, our hairline is a frequent place where possible precursor lesions for sun cancer form, so it is especially important to take good care of this area of our face.

Remember: Everything you do for your face…do for your hairline!

Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, feed dermal nutrients, and get your sunscreen and moisturizer all the way up in there! This is truly one of those things where it will not be an issue until it becomes one, and then it will be much harder to reverse.

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