Supporting our skin’s necessary and inherent capacity to release congestion, both old and new, is paramount for healthy skin. What is self-cleansing skin? And how to encourage self-cleansing skin?

There is a formula (The new basics of holistic skin health) for waking up and opening our skin’s detox pathways that will make deep healing and complete skin resurfacing possible. That is a key difference between conventional skin resurfacing vs.Medi-Holistic Skin Resurfacing. Conventional skin resurfacing shuts down detox pathways through dehydration, excessive exfoliation, and trauma. Sure, we can force our dermal layer to make new skin cells by inflicting these things but it will not balance oil production which is fundamental to skin health nor will trigger a detox. Old congestion get’s suppressed downwards for deep storage while the dermal layer loses thickness and vitality during this old-school strategy. Medi-Holistic Skin Resurfacing will balance oil production and allow for old congestion to literally exit through the top of our skin. This holistic process will reverse, to a degree, dermal thinning caused by too many anti-aging procedures. It will also fortify dermal thickness, delay, and minimize dermal thinning in general. Dermal thickness, productivity, and vitality are crucial to our skin health as this layer is responsible for creating and constantly replacing our entire epidermal layer which is the skin that we see and touch.

This calm, clear, glowing, self-cleansing state is what is possible on the other side of a temporary healing response detox phase. The detox will run its course and incredibly clear happy skin results that do not congest any longer. Self-cleansing skin has the ability to move breakouts through quickly and with very low drama. This is all achieved by providing our skin with daily deep topical hydration. Additionally, Dermal Nutrient absorption, which generates new skin cells at an increased rate, creates skin that is renewing itself quickly from the inside out. This pushes any congestion routinely to the surface where it can be professionally extracted or spontaneously released.

There is an inextricable parallel between how we heal emotionally and how our skin heals.  There are three kinds of timing when it comes to healing. The first kind of healing comes from will and longing for something even better. We can flood the focused area with resources, time, and attention and enjoy the positive results. The second kind of timing happens spontaneously when we are safe, not in survival mode, and have the extra energy and resources to do so. The final kind is a crisis healing. This is a detox emergency, the last resort to clearing out our systems, and will involve a crisis in one form or another..

Our emotional bodies heal by expressing feelings…until they naturally evolve and/or fully release. Our skin heals by releasing old congestion… until it naturally empties out and leaves us with a smooth, uninterrupted texture as all lumps, bumps, and blackheads are no longer there. Real skin healing includes the successful elimination of congestion as old blackheads, milia, and milia clusters.

While ups and downs are natural during a successful detox, hold and ride the wave until you find the sweet spot. Remember, detoxing our skin is an individual experience and will look different from person to person. There are many holistic ways we can support our skin through a deep healing that is massively underutilized. I made a list of the best holistic skin methods & why we love them so you can discover them. Many of them are free while some are very inexpensive and I wished that more people were getting the benefits.

There are tricks to slow down, maintain, or speed up a skin detox. Getting in touch with our own unique bio-rhythms will immensely support any detox. Every season can support the timeline of a skin detox in a variety of ways. Reclaiming our skin’s permeability through consistent hydration is the first step.

Basically, arriving at a place where our skin is self-cleansing means we have gone the full route to get there. The reality is there are no easy or by-passing shortcuts. This is yet another parallel with our emotional bodies. Emotional maturity, wisdom, and clarity only come with the miles of actually feeling…not intellectualizing emotions.

Unconditional self-acceptance, self-compassion, and patience, while we go through any deep healing and detoxification process, is the balm that makes it bearable. Self cleansing skin that is thriving, resilient, luminous, clear, and singing with joy is its own reward.