Supporting our skin’s necessary and inherent capacity to release congestion, both old and new, is paramount for healthy skin.

This self-cleansing state is achieved, first and foremost, by providing our skin with daily deep topical hydration. Additionally, dermal nutrient absorption, which generates new skin cells at an increased rate, is extremely beneficial to creating skin that easily maintains this dynamic process state.

There is an inextricable similarity between how we heal emotionally and how our skin heals. Our bodies and skin often can only detox when they are safe, not in survival mode, and have the extra energy and resources to do so. Yet sometimes our bodies and skin will detox as an emergency survival strategy, the last resort to clearing out our systems.

Our emotional bodies heal by expressing feelings…until they naturally evolve. Our skin heals by releasing old congestion… until it naturally empties out.

While ups and downs are natural during a successful detox, hold and ride the wave until you find the sweet spot. Remember, detoxing our skin is an individual experience and will look different from person to person.

There are tricks to slow down, maintain, or speed up a skin detox. Getting in touch with our own unique biorhythms will immensely support any skin detox. Every season can support the timeline of a skin detox in a variety of ways. Reclaiming our skin’s permeability through consistent hydration is the first step!

Unconditional self-acceptance, self-compassion, and patience while we go through any deep healing and detoxification process is the balm that makes it bearable.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real healing is a beautiful process.

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