Healthy skin texture is a small miracle these days and a beautiful sight!

There are some helpful things we can do to ensure the perfect texture we were all born with. Many people have no idea how to maintain a soft and healthy skin texture as beauty camapaigns often focus almost entirely on wrinkles.

For starters, it’s best if we aren’t over scrubbing, scraping, or exfoliating. Deep cleaning every day is too much, even weekly is still too much in most cases. Many of the “daily” cleansers on the market strip away too much of the “good stuff” your skin needs to be healthy and balanced. This will, ironically, only dehydrate your skin and cause congestion.

Exfoliating only with hydrating enzymes once a month is ideal! Discover why daily exfoliation can damage your skin while not helping to resolve skin texture at all. The next best practice we can do for improving our skin texture is to feed it! Skin that has access to topical Dermal Nutrients has a deep, luminous, vital, luster and does not look thin, fragile, or like stretched glass. There is a long list of the benefits of Dermal Nutrients for your skin and worth reading as these are still mostly undiscovered in the skin market. They have a unique and wondrous ability to shift skin texture quite profoundly. Dermal Nutrients, essentially, help our skin replace itself quite quickly so it will always look fresh…because it is. 

The constant supply of new skin cells helps to consistently lift up and move out blackheads, and compacted blackheads. Milia and milia clusters will eventually get pushed to the surface where they can be removed with profressional extractions. The combination of fresh skin cells and skin that has help being deep pore cleansed will have incredible texture. When performed correctly, this service will remove the long-standing build-up of congestion just under our skin that often results in bumps and irregularities. This is immensely impactful service and one worth tracking down as it is the only service that actively gives smoothness and uniformity of our skin texture.

The safe removal of deeply clogged congestion can have a shockingly enormous, positive impact on our skin texture. Often, this is the one procedure that people are skipping over or don’t know to ask for.

Personally, I love the texture of glowy-hydrated-plumped up wrinkles that exist because of the normal passing of time, showing physical evidence that you’ve lived myriad of life experiences. Glowing moist skin with wrinkles are a part of aging but irregular texture does not need to be.

Just remember, all of the makeup, injections, digital filters, laser treatments, scrubbing, and superficial skin products in the world are not a substitute for reclaiming your native healthy skin texture and maintaining it until you are 100 and beyond.