Healthy skin texture is a small miracle these days and a beautiful sight!

There are some helpful things we can do to ensure the perfect texture we were all born with.

For starters, it’s best if we aren’t over scrubbing, scraping, or exfoliating. Deep cleaning every day is too much, even weekly is still too much in most cases. Many of the “daily” cleansers on the market strip away too much of the “good stuff” your skin needs to be healthy and balanced.

Exfoliating with hydrating enzymes once a month is ideal! The next best practice we can do for improving our skin texture is to feed it! Skin that has access to topical dermal nutrients has a deep, luminous, vital, luster and does not look thin, fragile, or like stretched glass.

Another immensely impactful tool that will ensure smoothness and uniformity of our skin texture is to receive a deep pore cleansing session. When performed correctly, this service will remove the long-standing build-up of congestion just under our skin that often results in bumps and irregularities.

The safe removal of deeply clogged congestion can have an enormous, positive impact on our skin texture. Also, it is true that hydrated skin more easily releases congestion naturally, and in general, has fewer wrinkles.

Personally, I love the texture of glowy-hydrated-plumped up wrinkles that exist because of the normal passing of time, showing physical evidence that you’ve lived myriad of life experiences!!

And don’t forget that excessive sun damage will accelerate aging and all skin dysfunction, so I do not recommend that you blow off that sunscreen.

Just remember, all of the makeup, injections, digital filters, laser treatments, scrubbing, and superficial skin products in the world won’t make for reclaiming your native healthy skin texture. Just follow my advice.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real healing is a beautiful process.

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