The Best Skin Care Set is Both Clinical and Natural

The best kind of skin care is both clinical and natural.

Yes, both. In one.

Many people mistakenly think a skin care set must be either/or, and in the past, that was true. But that’s no longer the case.

A fresh development in skin care has made this powerful combination possible. You see, our skin can rejuvenate and detox through the deep absorption and metabolization of special Dermal Nutrients instead of conventional acids and exfoliation, which can deplete our skin long-term.

Look at your skin through the lens of holistic healing, and evidence (and also common sense) shows that healthy, “nourish-to-heal” strategies are significantly more effective than “harm-to-heal” strategies, especially in the long run.

Bio- available Dermal Nutrients can penetrate deep, making them an incredible option that delivers clinical results; there’s no need to inflict trauma on your face in the name of health and beauty. The best part: These Dermal Nutrients are totally natural — with a natural liposomal delivery system so they are safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and health-conscious consumers like you. Yes, you…as you found my blog and I am health-conscious freak!

You can find this groundbreaking combination in the Fortify Origin Set. This three-part set is a unique fusion of both medical and holistic principles to deliver a new holistic skin resurfacing process.

The Fortify Origin Set satisfies every foundational need that our skin has to establish a baseline of skin health and balance. The three-part set includes an extraordinary hydrating mist, a Dermal Nutrient serum, and an intense moisturizer. These often overlooked basics can do wonders for all skin types. Skin with symptoms of acne, sun damage, hyper-sensitivity, and even dull skin will love being given the building blocks for happy, luminous, thriving skin.

A Fortify Origin Set sets into motion increased cell turnover, optimal hydration, and complete barrier restoration for our skin, which opens the possibility for a temporary healing phase for detoxification. This detox is the opportunity our skin has for clearing itself of old, chronic congestion that would otherwise stay stored within our skin. Happy, balanced, clear skin that ages more slowly and is more resilient to life circumstances has successfully recovered its native release capacity and is self-cleansing.

In other words, set your skin up for success and it will do all the work for you.

The Fortify Origin Set comes from Skin Harmonics, whose founder has 30 years of combined experience formulating natural ingredients and working in the field as an esthetician. Skin Harmonics is the fusion of both clinical and holistic strategies that is more effective than either strategy alone. The Fortify Origin Set has your skin’s health covered — from nature to the clinic, in the short term and also in the long term.

Glow and beautiful texture are something that cannot be faked. You can get botox, a facelift, scrubs, zaps, melting peels and injections — but still never achieve an authentic, natural, healthy glow. The only way to accomplish this is to actually have healthy skin. Follow the clear and simple map, and you’ll get to Glowtown every time. Yes, it might mean turning around on the conventional skincare highway. But enjoy the more scenic route — with a destination that has green grass in the end.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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