Congestion has many different ways of presenting on our skin.

Active congestion is acne. Some acne can be extra inflamed and sore due to more intense microbiome issues and/or topical dehydration. As a reminder, topical dehydration will exacerbate any skin issue. Inactive congestion is acne from years prior that is still lodged just under the skin’s surface.

Skin can suffer from active congestion, inactive congestion, uneven texture, and/or isolated breakouts, which could be the result of a low-grade chronic internal imbalance.

None of the above types of congestion should be confused with the random and quick passing of simple, no drama whiteheads or zits. These ephemeral blemishes are the happy gift of harmonized skin; they can be released before they have the chance to become complicated and hard in our skin. The occasional zit that comes and go quickly is a good sign your skin is healthy.

Support your skin’s inborn release capacity by abstaining from conventional acne and anti-aging products as these products will ironically sabotage your skin’s abilty to release congestion.

Supported skin is equipped with the resources it takes to release larger bits of older congestion as a pimple, no problem. If your skin takes longer than three days to recover from a zit then your skin might be “constipated” and could benefit greatly from establishing the foundation of health provided by the Skin Harmonics Skin Bill of Rights.

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real healing is a beautiful process.

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