The oil our skin naturally produces is NOT the enemy! When oil and water combine, it’s healthy skin!

It is one of our skin’s best friends because it helps trap water in our skin, which prevents wrinkles and even blackheads. Oil also helps to keep our acid-mantle intact, providing a slight sunscreen effect. Skin without an intact acid-mantle is more likely to hyper pigment, over produce oil, sunburn, or just get plain irritated in general. Allow me to expalin how this oil & water combine for healthy skin because this is the exact recipe for moist skin. Yep, we need both to create moist skin. Moist skin is healthy skin.

Our skin’s primary need is to be hydrated. Optimizing water levels for our skin has an enormous positively cascading list of benefits with wrinkle and congestion prevention being at the top. Never underestimate how meaningful our natural oil is from our skin’s perspective. Strategically layering skincare products as described below and perfecting this strategy you can even learn how to keep your skin hydrated 24/7.

Allowing our own oil to peacefully exist on our skin stabilizes over-oil production and intrinsically helps our skin retain water. As a field tested aesthetician of over 15 years I have run endless experiments and have contemplated the results very seriously. Check out my well weighed conclusions of this long standing inquiry of does excess oil cause acne blog entry as it explains more thoroughly the positive role that our natural oil plays in skin health. Needless to say, many “acne” products throw our skin out of balance. I’ve seen these products take skin slightly out of balance and create skin that becomes massively out of balance over time. Working with our skin’s natural genetic setting for oil production and preventing excessive oil production will go a long way in restoring harmony. Beginning this journey back to equanimity starts with the right balance between water AND oil as this creates moist, balanced, happy skin.

To support the right balance of water and oil to achieve moist skin:

  1. Stop over cleansing and exfoliating
  2. Use a hydrating serum (aloe and/or hylauronic)
  3. Immediately apply an oil-rich moisturizer on top, before this water evaporates

This layering sequence of products creates oil-water harmony. I have developed the best skin care set that delivers magnificently this aim in a very simple, practical, and beautiful way.

Each skin type is unique and when designing your ideal skin routine, you must add in skincare steps you see fit. You may need to transition as your skin needs change. By listening to your skin and using and switching out products depending on your skin type, your skin with look healthy and happier in no time. Say hello to the best skincare routine for oily skin and goodbye to breakouts and clogged pores!