The oil our skin naturally produces is NOT the enemy!

Oil is one of our skin’s best friends because it helps trap water in our skin, which prevents wrinkles. Oil also helps to keep our acid-mantle intact, providing a slight sunscreen effect. Skin without an intact acid-mantle is more likely to hyper pigment, over produce oil, sunburn, or just get plain irritated in general.

Allowing our own oil to peacefully exist on our skin stabilizes over-oil production and intrinsically helps our skin retain water. Many “acne” products throw our skin out of balance. I’ve seen these products take skin slightly out of balance and create skin that becomes massively out of balance over time. Working with our skin’s natural genetic setting for oil production and preventing excessive oil production will go a long way in restoring harmony. The right balance between water AND oil makes for moist, balanced, happy skin.

To support the right balance of water and oil for moist skin:

  1. Stop over cleansing and exfoliating
  2. Use a hydrating serum (aloe and/or hylauronic)
  3. Immediately apply an oil-rich moisturizer on top, before this water evaporates

This layering sequence of products creates oil-water harmony.

Keep learning about the new paradigm shift and what this means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real Healing is a beautiful process.

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