There are four essential skin care ingredients that all skin, no matter what, that will cause all skin to thrive. These are not actually ingredients but something more important…concepts. Understanding these concepts and attaching them each to practical practices will lead you to choosing optimal skin care ingredients. Read more about the right skin care routine steps in order to help make these associations. These are the fundamental ideas that are the underpinnings to why I created the best skin care set which contains the very best skincare ingredients possible. Once you grasp these concepts you will understand how to better choose skincare ingredients. These concepts are the Basic Bill of Skin Rights. If these concepts are not being fulfilled…not one or four or a million ingredients will make much of a difference, ever.

The Essential Skin Care Ingredients

  1. WATER – Topical Optimal Hydration. Water is life. Our skin is always thirsty.
  2. FOOD – Topical Dermal Nutrients. There are no substitutions for food. Our skin is hungry.
  3. SHELTER – Sun Protection and Skin Acid Mantle Preservation. Wear sunscreen and stop over-exfoliating! Once a month exfoliation is plenty for most skin types. Daily clean SPF is a must.
  4. DETOX – Temporary Healing Phase. Schedule a deep pore cleansing session. After initial detox, our skin is mostly self-cleansing as it has access to water, food, and shelter.

Answering to these four essential skincare concepts will deliver skin that is fundamentally healthy, resilient, radiant, and happy!

After 30 plus years in the skin industry, I have noticed a lot of trendy ingredients that come and go over the years, depending on ad campaigns and whatever raw ingredients are available. The ongoing curiosity for new shiny ingredients that can be discovered, invented, or recirculated is just how it goes in all evolving markets. This curiosity is fantastic and something that I hope none of us ever lose. Discernment is also a wonderful trait that we must apply to sort through the chaos of what the skin market tries to sell us. I am a huge fan of watching the impact of ingredients over time in controlled settings to conclude in their effectiveness or hype.

Nonetheless, my obsession with ingredients is what paved my way to developing the first-ever Medi-Holistic resurfacing process. Ultimately, our skin is a living dynamic process that requires a practical system and sequencing of ingredients. Not merely ingredients chaotically patched together to simply hook a sale as the highest priority before real-life results.

The practical application of these concepts has been turned into lists that you can access here as 15 natural skin care tips that will have your skin glowing in no time and the best natural skin tips for that perfect glow. I did my best to simplify these wide-reaching concepts into little things, baby steps even, so you can start learning little things day by day to give to your skin in a meaningful way. Practicality can never be underestimated as a hurdle to being able to help our skin. Skincare routines that are simple enough to execute will return us with clear, happy, and beaming skin as its own reward.

I hope this helps you feel confident and ready to achieve your skincare goals. By adding just these few essential ingredients to your regimen you can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin and face.